Adopting a Drupal Contrib - First Approach

Sep 13, 2019

During this session, Jason will discuss his experience of creating and adopting a contrib-first approach at Nerdery. He will highlight takeaways from his experience and review specific examples of contrib-first activities/tasks that a project team can undertake during a project's lifecycle. In short, the approach adopts the Drupal community’s values, principles and development methodology to openly collaborate with Drupal community members and not-yet members to deliver reliable, flexible, secure and impactful solutions that are forward compatible with the Drupal core roadmap to accelerate time to value for our partners’ current and future projects.

Topics Covered
- What is a Drupal Contrib-First Approach and what are its benefits
- How to incorporate contrib-first activities/tasks into your project work and project lifecycle

Expected Audience
- Developers, project managers and business analysts interested in contributing to the Drupal community as part of their project work
- Participants with years of Drupal project experience or no experience will feel comfortable attending this session