Break into Data Science

Speaker Panel: 

- Dr. Robert Clewley | Professor, Georgia State University
- Tony Fast | Software Developer, Continuum Analytics
- Bilind Hader | Data Analytics Engineer, Influence Health
- Dr. Chih-wen (James) Ching | Healthcare Data Scientist, Philips Wellcentive
- Dami Lasis | Data Scientist, 360i
- Amelia Martin | Data Applications Architect, Juice Analytics

About This Event: 

This panel of experts are shareing what Data Science is all about — how you can start a career in this field, what the day to day looks like, interesting applications of data, and what the data job market looks like in Atlanta.


- How different functions/fields make use of data science
- What tools are used in the field
- What education is needed to pursue this career
- Cool data science in the real world