Building Event-Driven Microservices with Java

Oct 17, 2023

The microservices architecture, with its emphasis on independent services and teams, has been shown to offer many advantages in terms of agility and time to market. At the same time, as microservices proliferate, new challenges have arisen. Chains of synchronous calls can produce high latency and make it difficult to scale up.

The event-driven microservices architecture addresses the new scaling challenges by introducing reliable asynchronous interactions. Shifting to an event-driven architecture also makes it easy to implement some important enterprise features like zero downtime service updates, canary deployments, and rate-limiting.

This session will start with an architecture-level discussion of event-driven microservices and progress to implementation. We will walk through the code of a sample implementation based on Hazelcast OSS and wrap up with a live demonstration. Everything shown will be available as open source.