Continuous Reliability

May 21, 2019

Every business going through an organizational transformation to gain a competitive advantage faces the same challenge: how do we balance agility and stability? To solve for the agility part of this equation, many development and operations teams are turning to continuous integration (CI) and continuous development/deployment (CD), however, these practices often put stability at risk. Enter Continuous Reliability.

Continuous Reliability (CR) is a new framework that brings together automated code quality gates and contextual feedback loops within a CI/CD workflow to help organizations overcome the agility/stability paradox. CR can mean the difference between hoping your code might work in production, and actually knowing it will.

In this session, Eric Mizell, VP of Solution Engineering @ OverOps, defines CR for attendees and demonstrate how they can implement this practice within the context of their organization’s own transformation.

The session follows the below outline:

   – Introduce and define the concept of CR Quality Gates Feedback Loops

   – How are enterprise organizations approaching this problem today and the challenges they are encountering

   – The benefits of CR –CR in Practice: How CR is implemented at Comcast

   – Key tools and best practices

   – Q&A