Cool Tools for PHP Development

Jan 14, 2022

Good developer experience (DX) is critical in the tools we use, whether external - or internal - facing. The easier it is for your team to do their job, the happier and more efficient they'll be. So far, the JavaScript community has cornered the market on developer tooling, but the PHP community is catching up.

In this talk, Ben will crack open his toolbox and share some of the tools he uses in daily development and why he thinks they improve the DX of projects he work on. We'll look at some familiar tools, such as PHPUnit and PHP_CodeSniffer, along with new tools like PHPStan and Psalm. Ben will show how to configure these tools for better workflows through Composer scripts and plugins. We'll also see how to standardize your team's workflow with CaptainHook. By the end, I hope you'll leave with some good ideas for improving your team's DX.