Demystifying Opensource Development

Oct 18, 2022

Woohoooo! It's Hacktoberfest( time again! A time where you can contribute to opensource projects and possibly get a T-Shirt or a tree planted in your name!

But many of us who want to contribute to OSS for Hacktoberfest or in general often ask, "I want to add a feature to this project. What is my first step? What needs to be done? How do I get started?"
In this talk, we discuss the who, what, and how of OSS contributions. Spoilers: Anyone can contribute, and you need not be a coder to contribute.

We can help you discover how to get started when submitting your first contribution. This discussion also helps you find a first-timer issue if you want to contribute.

Finally, we cover what you should expect when you submit a contribution.