Demystifying the Relational Database

Jan 05, 2017

Databases are an incredible resource to have at at your disposal when building and running web applications.  They tend to be large, powerful machines that we can just shovel data into.  But do we always treat them with the care and respect that they deserve?  Do we use them efficiently, and to their fullest potential? 

In this talk, we will discuss how you can use relational databases to their full potential while ensuring that they’re always being used efficiently and with care.  Along the way, we’ll talk about how to troubleshoot and avoid common pitfalls.  We will cover a wide array of topics, such as data modeling best practices, using joins, and using referential integrity.  We will also wade into more advanced topics, such as using stored procedures, using triggers, tuning queries, and even replication.  We’ll briefly discuss the various relational databases available, as well as how cloud providers come into play.