Drupal, JSON:API, and Cheap Canned Beer

Sep 13, 2019

As of Drupal 8.7, there's a new API in core: JSON:API. This API makes it possible, with virtually no configuration, to allow external applications and services to connect to your Drupal site and use your content in new ways! JSON:API is a key part of a long-term vision of using Drupal as a well-structured content repository to power applications of all kinds: single-page Javascript web applications, voice assistants such as Alexa, mobile applications, and more.

This presentation uses my favorite side project, cheapcannedbeer.com, to demonstrate the power of JSON:API out of the box to allow external applications to understand the structure of your content and use it for their own applications. We will demonstrate an Alexa skill that uses AWS lambda functions to pull content from cheapcannedbeer.com using JSON:API, in order to provide a voice-interactive trivia game. We'll take a deep look at how the Drupal content structure in cheapcannedbeer.com is represented in JSON:API, and how easy it is for an external application to use that content for its own purposes without any custom coding on the Drupal site.