Flexible Microsites - Combining the Power of the D8 Group and Paragraphs Modules

Sep 13, 2019

You manage a site for an organization which can be broken down into smaller groups; individual "microsites", each a little website unto itself, having members, menus, content, taxonomy, etc. This could be departments within a large government or corporate entity or a site for fans of certain bands, authors, and you want to keep each site siloed off from the rest (while still being able to show aggregate lists of all groups’ microsites).

Enter the D8 Group module and other related contrib! We will describe how to build a platform with Drupal which allows users to create a group microsite while administrators still maintain control over the overall structure and features available. We will also talk a good bit about how to use the popular Paragraphs module to make a really flexible page builder so users can add customized pages to their groups with ease.