Gettin' Groovy for Java Devs

Mar 07, 2019

Groovy is a powerful, agile and dynamic language for the Java platform. Groovy has a Java like syntax along with many features inspired by languages such as Python, Ruby and Smalltalk. The language has been embraced by popular frameworks including Grails, Micronaut, Spring Boot and many others. This session covers a lot of ground to quickly get Java developers started with Groovy including many interactive examples to highlight the powerful language features that make Groovy compelling. This session is targeted to demonstrate the power of Groovy and help Java developers understand how to leverage that power in their enterprise applications. Topics include:

Everything Is An Object:
- Groovy Beans
- Groovy Strings
- Closures
- Collections
- Groovy Builders
- Java Integration
- Build Tools
- Frameworks
- What Is New In Groovy 2.5/2.6