Ignites Talk - Day1

Apr 09, 2019


  • Poppy Vila - A Little Monkey Tale

  • JJ Asghar - Everything you need to know about Kubernetes in 5 mins

  • Caroline Dickey - Chaos Engineering and Crash Tests

  • Aaron Aldrich - Continuous Improvement: DevOps and Mental Illness


A Little Monkey Tale


Poppy’s story on how her school’s coding team placed ninth in the nation.


Everything you need to know about Kubernetes in 5 mins


You see this cloud-native thing creep into some conversations. You are starting to see your boss reading this Kubernetes book. You’ve googled around about both, but all the terms and technology is hard to grasp. Luckily this talk I’ll walk through in 20 slides everything you need to know about Kubernetes to be dangerous. From there you can take it and focus on what you need to know and start discovering it for yourself.


Chaos Engineering and Crash Tests


Before a car can be sold, it must be crash tested to assess its safety and resilience. Chaos engineering is a method for testing software in the same way. This talk explores the similarities between crash testing and chaos engineering and why the latter should be part of every engineer’s toolbox.

Chaos engineering refers to a practice that is common in many industries but still new to the software world: testing a product under degraded conditions to ensure that the impact of the condition is both known and contained. Using crash tests as a metaphor, this talk explores the definition and goals of chaos engineering and offers suggestions on how you can add some chaos to your own software development process.


Continuous Improvement: DevOps and Mental Illness


Dealing with any neuro-diversity is difficult and stigmatized, but lessons learned from DevOps and Complex Systems management have helped me improve how I handle situations. These lessons can be applied broadly and shift our thinking to how DevOps extends beyond tech alone.

Mental illness is stigmatized and hard to talk about publicly. Doubly so in the tech industry where we assign much of our personal value to our brains. I want to share my struggles with mental health and the lessons I’ve learned from Systems operation and DevOps that have helped me get by and frame my struggle in a manageable way.

In 5 minutes I want to: - Help reduce the stigma of Mental Illness by talking about it - Provide some illustration of things that have helped me, so hopefully they can help you - Show how the concepts of DevOps have application reaching beyond High Technology - Spark further conversation about Mental health and DevOps