Nine Out of Ten Doctors Recommend This Workshop Before Migrating to Drupal

Sep 13, 2019

Your boss, client, or news anchor just announced it’s time to upgrade the technology stack:

"We choose to go to Moon Mars in this decade, not because it's easy, but because it is hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills..."

No! No! No!. . . let’s change the mindset here.

In reality, no executive wants to work hard and wait a decade for success.

The goal of this session is to help you convince your boss, client, or yourself that migrating to Drupal 8 is not that hard—on the contrary, it is beneficial to any future-oriented organization.

We will talk about how Drupal architecture can help organizations respond with startup speed and flexibility to technology challenges from AI, VR, Big Data, or whatever comes next.

The session is directed to anyone that is planning or in the process of migrating medium- or large-traffic sites or those who are faced with market-driven rapid technology alterations.

Greg Paluch is a self-professed tech geek. A Drupal developer on even days, and startup inventor on odd days of the month.

He will share insights from consulting business clients on cutting edge technology, and little wisdom strengthened from over twelve years of self-inflicting punches combating long and short term projects of any sort in a none and *semi-violent way.

From his endeavors building VR rehabilitation devices, marketing automation platforms or experimenting with AI, he finds Drupal as a Swiss knife problem solver tool that saved him from reinventing the wheel when starting a new project.