Configuring Apache Camel for the Cloud

Feb 20, 2020

Cloud … check. Container … check. Orchestration … check. Now that you’ve got the basics it’s time to starting thinking about how all occupants of your new cloud infrastructure are going to communicate. And no mater what cloud, container or orchestration tool you choose, Apache Camel has what you need to get your system configured and connected. This talk will cover Camel components for cloud friendly configuration, communication, packaging, and deployment. The approaches presented will take a “use what is already there” philosophy. So whatever you’re working with from Do It Yourself Virtual Machines with containers like Apache Karaf or a fully managed Kubernetes clusters with fat jars, integrating vertically or horizontally, Apache Camel has the pieces to make it all work. This talk will cover how to do it as as well as advantages and drawbacks of each approach.