Gatsby & Drupal Sitting in a Tree

Sep 13, 2019

This is the session to attend if you are considering developing a Gatsby website using Drupal as a backend content source. We will cover static-site generation with Gatsby, compare and contrast different content sources (or backends), and even show a demo of live content preview capabilities between Gatsby & Drupal.

This session is intended for beginners looking for a high level overview of the design/development process. We will live demo a working Gatsby / Drupal site while providing an overview of:

- How to structure your data and fields on your Drupal website
- How to pull content into Gatsby from your Drupal website using GraphQL
- How to design and structure dynamic pages and lists of pages in Gatsby
- How content changes can be live previewed using Gatsby Cloud
- Having some basic knowledge of Javascript / React will help when looking over code examples, but is not required.