Keynote - [Re]Igniting Your Passion

Jun 21, 2018

If you've been in the software industry for a while, you've likely gone through many transformations, from student to engineer and growing within that role. Maybe you've taken a different path and moved into management. Maybe you took an entirely different path, coming from a different industry and joining this field through a bootcamp or self study. Or, maybe you have bowed out of software for one reason or another, but wonder about dipping your toes back in.

This talk is for all of you. How do you chart a career through software, staying engaged and interested? How do you navigate the many changes that life and our industry may throw at you, embracing change and using those dynamic forces to your advantage rather than feeling driven by them? In this talk, Dianne brings several stories to light from people who have taken different paths but have maintained their passion for tech. She hopes to inspire you to continue your own journey.