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May the FOSS be with you

Jan 21, 2016

These days we have incredible tools at our disposal - Node, npm, GitHub, Travis - all for free! But how does one get started? What does it even mean to be open source, and how does it work? I mean, maybe you kinda know how to build a Node module or package or whatever (is there a difference?), and you’ve probably pushed stuff to GitHub before (is that the right term?), but perhaps putting it all together doesn’t quite make sense.

We have coverd the basics of each thing you need to know to get started. Things like:

• What a Node module is and what an npm package is

• How to create one

• How to use npm

• How to leverage other people’s packages

• How to test your code

• How to publish your package

• How to version your package

• How this whole open source process works