Serverless Architecture: The New New Cloud Native

Jun 06, 2019

Serverless doesn’t mean no servers—it’s a metaphor for a new way of designing applications that builds on microservices. Moving to serverless allows you to take your application development, deployment, and economics to a new level while delivering software to your customers faster and with cheaper. But there are also significant trade-offs to keep in mind. Pratik Patel walks you through a short introduction to serverless architecture and explains why it’s an architectural style to pay attention to, especially if your company is already deploying cloud applications. You’ll learn how serverless architecture fits into the world of microservices and examine the pyramid of application development and deployment. You’ll then put on your architect hat to look at serverless options and how they impact applications architecture. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of the benefits (faster deployment, more often, with lower cost) and challenges (debugging, data stores, testing, and more) of moving to a serverless architecture.