Serverless or IaaS? Why not both - with Knative

Mar 07, 2019

Is my application better suited for a serverless platform or a IaaS system such as Kubernetes? This an increasingly common question developers face nowdays and represents the all-or-nothing approach of many serverless platforms. Knative differs from these platforms by extending one of the most popular IaaS layers (Kubernetes) to make it a serverless platform. With this approach we can remove this dichotomy and have our cake and eat it too!

This talk explores what Knative is at its core: a set of custom Kubernetes resources, and how these allow us to extend Kubernetes to turn it in to a serverless platform. We will explain the integration points between Knative and other technologies such as istio and how we leverage CRDs to enable pluggability for service vendors. We will also demonstrate how Knative is workload agnostic and can easily run and scale existing applications from zero to infinity.