Understanding Progressive Web Apps and Why You Should Care

Sep 13, 2019

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are created by combining web technologies to greatly improve user experience through native app-like features. At the same time, a PWA can share codebase with an existing web site, eliminating the need to develop the application across multiple mobile programming languages. And this is just the beginning when it comes to the advantages of PWAs. A full suite of PWA benefits will be discussed and demonstrated.

This session will also detail the requirements of PWAs and deep dive into their advantages in contrast to traditional web apps and native mobile applications. PWAs are the future of mobile web applications and now is the time to get to know how they work and when it makes sense to build them. In addition, a custom codebase will be used to demonstrate how a PWA is built and run in web browsers and Android/iOS mobile operating systems.

Session attendees can expect to learn:

- Why PWAs are important to your users
- How a PWA is different than a native mobile application
- When you should build a PWA
- How to build a PWA using Create React App and GatsbyJS

This session will be helpful for anyone looking to build fast mobile web applications that result in improved user experience, and possibly saving thousands of dollars developing native mobile applications.