Useful Tips, Tricks, and Techniques That Will Help You "Front-End the Drupal" Better

Sep 13, 2019

Over the course of my 13 long (and sometimes painful!) years of developing in Drupal, I’ve learned a number of tips, tricks, and strategies that will help one become a better Drupal front-end developer. Many of these are too short to merit their own session, but are too long to fit into a lightning-style talk.

In this session, I’m going to combine 3-4 unrelated topics that will leave you excited to go do more Drupal front-end work!

Topics may or may not include:

- Figuring out how to get the proper data you need into your Twig templates (using Xdebug)
- Proper JavaScript debugging with Drupal Behaviors
- How to properly componentize your… components
- Other useful tips and tidbits

To get the most out of this session, Drupal must have made you suffer at some point or another. It would also help if you have themed (or attempted to do so) Drupal 8.