Aligning People and Product Through Design Systems

Jun 06, 2019

With the rise of design-led organizations, the role of designer has shifted from that of mere stylist to being a business' number one problem solver. To build products that people love, designers have to do more than just solve problems. They must structure the way they work, establishing a system of guiding values and principles that support and drive the design process. This design system includes documentation, workflows, and even code. To be successful, it requires the support and participation of the entire organization. This is because design systems are not just for designers. A good design system will provide a solid foundation for your organization, enabling product managers and engineers to make decisions without relying on constant feedback from designers. In turn, designers will gain time to focus on exploring and solving other problems. Based on material from her upcoming book with co-author Taurie Davis, Sarrah will guide you through the basics of building a design system. You will learn how to define a design language that can be understood across teams and establish a communication strategy to sell your system to key stakeholders and other contributors.