AWS API Gateway: API management in the AWS ecosystem

Aug 21, 2018

While there are many API management tools in the marketplace, if you are already heavily invested in the AWS platform, AWS API Gateway presents a compelling choice for deploying and monitoring your APIs. In addition to features you expect from an API management solution, like rate limiting and security, API API Gateway provides integration with other AWS offerings. For example: easily configure AWS Lambdas to act as backends for API calls or run your service within a VPC to ensure security and have API AWS Gateway act as the public face into that service. API AWS Gateway provides several options for authentication and authorization including IAM roles and API Keys, in addition to writing your own custom authorizer to interact with third party identity solutions. Swagger support is baked into AWS API Gateway, allowing for easy export and import of swagger definition files. Of course, as with any service, there are gotachs and limitations that we’ll touch on as well. At the end of our discussion, you’ll have a solid handle on where AWS API Gateway might fit into your API solution.