Connected World: IoT Can be a Lot of Things

Jun 21, 2018

Blain Barton shows IoT in the wild. Farming and sports are two industries where Microsoft IoT has gotten creative to drive profit, efficiency, health, and athletic performance through the biosphere for botanical and human beings alike using sensors and real time data analytics. Take a virtual trip to Miami where Microsoft engineers built an agricultural solution for Costa Farms using Azure IoT Hub and pH sensor devices on hydro water systems to test pH levels for optimal plant lifecycle. Or discover how the custom Smart Grip technology was engineered with the Sensoria SDK to measure NCAA champion golfer Bryson DeChambeau’s force & pressure to achieve the ideal grip for a perfect swing every time. This session explores how to transform data from Azure cloud to intelligent data streams with valuable output-check it out for innovative learnings whether you are an IoT pro or just a seedling!