Data Science - Lightning Talks

Jun 21, 2018

Exploring Sets - Building a bridge from Data Science to Geographic Information by Amber Keller

Understanding Sets is an important concept in Data Science, python or SQL scripting, and in Geographic Information Systems. This talk bridges all three fields by exploring one concept - Sets. Concepts covered are very simple yet providing a powerful foundation between the domains.

It's all data to me! by Connie Dang

Yelp. Netflix. Twitter. Amazon. What do all of these have in common? It’s not just stuff to do when you have free time. Sentiment analysis works in the background of social media yet we hardly realize it when we post a status update. Let's learn to analyze data too instead of just creating it.

Data Engineering 101 by Jessica Owensby

If "Data is the new oil", are Data Engineers the new oil refiners? In this talk, we walk through some of the common skills needed in Data Engineering work - code examples included!