Ignites Talk - Day2

Apr 09, 2019


  • Ian Rose - Is it wrong to have a "DevOps team"?

  • Jeff Lu - Serverless Architecture, serverless computing is the new trend for software development

  • Ravi Lachman - Doughnut Dilemma - a Lesson in Resource Managers

  • Josh Atwell - Are You Being the Right Person for DevOps?

  • Spencer Malone - The Importance of a Good Dashboard


Is it wrong to have a "DevOps team"?


If your company has a “DevOps” team, is that a step in the right direction or proof that you’ve totally missed the point? At FullStory we have a Platform team, which builds things to make life easier for the other engineering teams. Usually that works well; but sometimes, not so much.

What’s the proper role of a “DevOps” team? Or is any such team flawed by design?

At FullStory, we embrace “you build it, you run it”, but the specifics of how we implement this philosophy have evolved over time. In the early years the company was small enough that all engineers participated equally on a single team. As we grew and divided into sub-teams, we found that introducing a “Platform Engineering” team was valuable for creating and maintaining common tools, libraries and processes shared across all of engineering. Looking back over the company’s young lifetime (6 years and counting), what has gone well with this system and what hasn’t? In particular, can these lessons apply more generally to other companies?


Doughnut Dilemma - a Lesson in Resource Managers


Doughnuts are made out of eggs, sugar, flour, a milk. An application to be useful requires compute, memory, storage, and networking. What does delicious doughnuts have to do with these pillars of infrastructure? We live in a world of finite resources. There are only so many doughnuts out there.

We live in a world of finite resources. There are only so many doughnuts and so much infrastructure to run and power our applications. Resource Managers are crucial to make sure our applications have the firepower to run and be placed on the most efficient infrastructure. Let’s look at varying requests for doughnuts and how popular resource manager algorithms work. We will touch on fundamentals on scheduling, searching, assignments, and constraints when fulfilling our quest for doughnuts.


The Importance of a Good Dashboard


Bzzz, your phone starts buzzing, it’s 3 am, and you’re being paged. How easily and quickly can you find the documentation you need, the data you need, and drill down into where the problem is? A good dashboard can and should provide the context you want, and act as a dynamic source of documentation. Also known as, a brief overview of how dashboards can be more than just raw data, and how they should act as a web, linking to each other, your documentation, and your internal tooling.


Are You Being the Right Person for DevOps?


We have a sign in our home “Marriage is more than finding the right person. It is being the right person” In this short talk I’ll outline some of the key characteristics we apply through the path of growing and maintaining a healthy relationship, mistakes we can avoid, and behaviors we can nurture.

Session designed to help people think constructively about how they can improve their position and contribution to the numerous relationships in their lives. These tips and frameworks can help improve both their professional and personal relationships.