Leadership & Careers Lightning Talks

Jun 21, 2018

Your Growth in Silicon Valley: A How to Guide by Allison Higgins

As a recent technical transplant from Atlanta to Silicon Valley, I would like to share the best tips for landing a career opportunity in the home of innovation and why the tremendous growth here is an excellent opportunity for women and under-represented minorities in tech.

High Performance Through High Morale by Nael Alismail

New team leads and managers are often faced with the complexity of creating high performing teams. Diversity within a team can lead to a range of potential avenues for a team's success and failure. We'll talk through ways leaders can find their leadership style and apply it to any team make up.

Anxiety and Me: How I Learned to Deal and You Can, Too by Laura Lindeman

The tech world moves fast, and we're expected to keep up. We wear busy-ness like a badge of honor. But what if you feel like the only one who can't handle it? Find out what anxiety can feel like, how it can impact your work, and how you can work through it and come out better for it.

Respect and Diversity in the Workplace and Why You Should Hire Autistic People by Kayla Rodriguez

Everyone wants to be hired and be treated with respect but sadly not everyone is. I want to talk about why you should treat people of color and autistic people like you would any other white male and why you should hire us. I want to help people of color and autistic people contribute to society.

Neurological Diversity in Tech: Creating Social Understanding by David Hope

There are a wide variety of neurologically diverse individuals in our field. The social stigma's attached to mental health are numerous and widespread, resulting in a swath of people discriminated against. My talk will break down these stigmas to create a new social understanding.