Machine Learning and Ai With Javascript

Oct 17, 2019

Today it’s tough to find an application that doesn’t rely on artificial intelligence or machine learning in some way. Web applications are no exception. But do web developers need to take the time to learn Python or R to leverage the AI needs of their apps? Not with TensorFlow.js! Inspired by the popular TensorFlow library from Google, TensorFlow.js brings machine learning and even deep learning to JavaScript and thus to the web. This session will cover how to integrate machine learning algorithms into web applications. But JavaScript, isn’t that going to be slow? TensorFlow.js leverages GPU performance through node.js and through WebGL in the browser. Pretrained models can be brought in to TensorFlow.js and the high-level Keras inspired API makes it simple to get up and running. Ready to get creative? Magenta, a library for intelligent art and music applications built on top of TensorFlow, also has a JavaScript cousin. No longer is machine learning reserved to Ph.Ds with math degrees. TensorFlow.js brings the power of artificial intelligence to almost any application.