Rock Your Code - Real World Cloud App From Start to Finish

May 13, 2019

This session shows how David created a cloud application from start to finish using Microsoft Azure to add features to a legacy app. The session starts off with the feature requirements followed by the architecture and design. The remainder of the session will show how I coded the following application layers:

*The data layer featuring Cosmos DB.
*The business layer featuring Azure ServiceBus Queues and Azure Functions.
*The communications layer using Azure App Service.
*The user experience layer using ASP.NET Core & Blazor.
*The identity layer using Azure Key Vault.

Other frameworks such as Azure Application Insights and even unit testing will also be discussed.

This is part of series titled “Improving Code Quality… One Developer At A Time”. Note: Even though code examples in this session are in .NET, the concepts can be applied to any language.